Nov 25

Another Chuck Challenge, 200 Word Round Robin

So, this week’s challenge over on Chuck Wendig’s blog is 200 Words at a Time, Part One, where you write the beginning to a story, 200 words or less, and then next week, everyone chooses another’s work to continue with another 200 words, and on until the usual 1000 word total is written. Sounded interesting, so I’m giving it a go. I’m not giving it a title so that others can write freely without having to think of how to fit their work into the title. It sometimes takes me to the end of a work before I realize what the title might be anyway.

So, here it is, first installment. If it’s not used, I may expand it. I’ve got ideas. 😉


There was absolutely nothing in this world worse than squid. Aric spat, tossing stick and dubious, floppy chunk of meat into the guttering fire. It wasn’t really squid, of course. He remembered squid; fried calamari was once his favorite. It didn’t help that he’d eaten the slimy substitute every day since the drop. There was only so many times he could choke something down that tasted like sulfur and the inside of an athlete’s running shoe, regardless of whether the analyzer dubbed the small alien cephalopod safe and nutritious. Gruel was nutritious too. In fact, he would almost prefer gruel.

At best count, as the days were longer here, he’d dropped in the Emergency Landing Vehicle twenty Sol Standard Days ago. The landing was rough and the ELV was toast, but any landing you can walk away from….

He chuckled, a mad titter that he bit back.

Standing, he kicked out the useless flame, heading back along the jagged slash in the alien landscape where the ELV rested. He needed to check the beacon, and after, finally explore this no-man’s land of an uncharted jungle planet; anything to keep his mind off a rescue that might never come.



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2 Responses to Another Chuck Challenge, 200 Word Round Robin

  1. Just posted the second two hundred word addition…hope you like. It was a great open starting piece. Cheers Hank

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